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Before using this medicationtell your doctor if you have liver diseasekidney diseasegoutlupusdiabetesor an allergy to sulfa drugs.

Indapamide may cause a loss of too much body waterdehydrationand salt/mineralsTell your doctor right away if you have any symptoms of dehydration or mineral lossincludingextreme thirstvery dry mouthmuscle cramps/weaknessfast/irregular heartbeatconfusiondecreased urination.

Severe allergic reactionsrashhivesitchingdifficulty breathingtightness in the chestswelling of the mouthfacelipsor tongueblurred visionchest paindark urinedecreased urination or urination problemsdry mouthfaintingfast heartbeatfatiguefeverchillscoughor sore throatincreased thirstloss of appetitenumbness of the hands or feetpale stoolsredswollenblisteredor peeling skinsevere or persistent dizzinessdrowsinessor lightheadednesssevere stomach painswelling of the handsanklesor feetsymptoms of low blood potassiumegirregular heartbeatmuscle painweaknessor crampingsymptoms of low blood sodiumegconfusionmental or mood changesseizuressluggishnessunusual bruising or bleedingunusual tiredness or weaknessyellowing of the skin or eyes.

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If you are pregnantplanning to become pregnantor are breast-feeding if you are taking any prescription or nonprescription medicineherbal preparationor dietary supplement if you have allergies to medicinesfoodsor other substances if you have heart problemsegirregular heartbeatheart failureliver problemsegcirrhosiskidney diseasegoutlupusproblems urinatingor swelling if you have severe or persistent vomitingor low blood levels of sodium or potassiumor if you are on a low-saltsodiumdiet if you have had a certain neurosurgical proceduresympathectomyif you are receiving fluids through a veinparenteral fluids)

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